This was decided by the European court of justice (ECJ) on Thursday in Luxembourg. The judges found a case of the passengers from Helsinki to Singapore due to problems in different planes, ultimately, more than 48 hours on the road were a good four times longer than normal.

The travelers had on the 11. October 2013 directly to Singapore want to fly, but a fault on the machine is prevented according to the ECJ, the departure of the flight. She accepted a flight over Chongqing in China the next day, with the 13. October would have been to 17.25 on the target.

judge: No “exceptional circumstances”

but Because the power steering the helm of the aircraft for this Route was delayed this flight and they finally came on 14. October at 00.15 on. For the originally booked direct connection with the airline Finnair a flight duration of 11 hours and 35 minutes.

The Airline paid for the passengers, while the 600 euros for the failed first flight, but refused compensation for the delay on the alternative route, relying on “exceptional circumstances”. The ECJ rejected, however. The judges found that the passengers in the double delay must be compensated for technical reasons, twice. Virologist calculates Worst-Case scenario for Germany, and corrected in a Horror scenario, FOCUS Online/Wochit virologist calculates Worst-Case scenario for Germany, and corrects the Horror-scenario