The ECHR confirmed that the desire to leave for alternative service is necessary to justify

the Young man graduated in 2014, pedagogical University in St. Petersburg. After graduation, the deferment ended, reason not to serve was not. But the young man appealed to the military registration and enlistment office with the request to send him to alternative civil service.

Pacifist views are not generated instantly for a month or two before the call. Must be confirmation that the person they penetrated

the Young man tried to convince the draft Board that he is a pacifist. However, he did not believe. Then the recruits went to court with the complaint to the military.

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However, the court did not support the young man. People in robes are not found in the personal file of a conscript convincing evidence that he was a strong pacifist and humanist beliefs. As he told the boy, in August 2014, he attended a seminar where he realized his commitment to the pacifist philosophy. And in that moment decided that military service is not compatible with his views.

However, when these peaceful views in the young man of military age occurs extremely quickly, there’s always a suspicion that he’s actually afraid of the hardships and privations of military service. And not eager to communicate with the older soldiers in the barracks. And supposedly innate humanism is neither here nor there.

As explained by the court, attitudes concerning the impossibility of military service should be formed in humans during a certain period of time. Pacifists don’t become one minute.

As it turned out, the same legal position is shared by the European court of human rights, which asked the failed alternative employee.

As they say in the Ministry of justice of Russia, the ECHR ppodtverdil that the existing in the Russian Federation the mechanism of consideration of applications for replacing compulsory military service with alternative civil service contains sufficient procedural safeguards to ensure the fairness of the relevant procedures and fully corresponds to international standards.

“the court noted that any procedural defects that arise at the level of conscript military commissions, can be subsequently corrected by the appeal of their decisions by the competent court of the Russian Federation, – underline in the Ministry of justice. – Recognizing the appropriate justified refusal to substitute military service on an appeal, the ECHR stressed that the Commissioner draft Board and national judicial bodies have fully assessed all circumstances of the case, and the applicant, in turn, has not provided convincing evidence that he is a genuine pacifist.”

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According to the judges of the European court, such beliefs can be considered confirmed only when the reluctance to perform military service is motivated by an insurmountable conflict between the obligation to serve and a person’s conscience, or his deeply religious or other beliefs quite serious and important, in accordance with article 9 of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. One of the fear of the barracks a little.

In Strasbourg agreed that the recruiting Commission, although made up of officials, both military and civil, but don’t depend on the military. A significant portion of the commissions are representatives of the local civil authorities.

Recall that the period of alternative civil service is 21 months. But it includes weekends, sick leave, and vacation. The work is regulated by the current Russianthem by the legislation, including the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Directs the work of the Fes. Person can determine the organization close to home or to send to another region.

There is a special list of professions and positions, which can send pass alternative civil service. For example, the list is the work of the profession, such as the driver, porter, janitor, painter, waiter, cook, kitchen worker, attendant and others.

But there are a few dozen posts of employees: caregiver, doctors of different specialties, livestock specialist, economist, legal Secretary, postman, and others.

According to the war Department, the number of people wishing to pass alternative civil service is reduced.