The ECHR awarded € 145 thousand Chechen family whose house was destroyed by air strike by the Russian military

the ECHR has awarded 145 thousand euros Chechen family whose house was destroyed by air strike by the Russian military the ECHR has awarded 145 thousand euros Chechen family whose house was destroyed by a Russian military air strike
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the European court of human rights has awarded 145 thousand euros compensation for material and moral damages to the family Salamunovich, whose house in Chechnya was destroyed by a missile the Russian military in 2004. The corresponding decision is published on the website of the ECHR. It drew attention to “the Media”.

the Strasbourg court ruled that Russian authorities had violated in relation to suleimanovych article 2 of the European Convention for the protection of rights and freedoms, which guarantees the right to life.

In December 2004, at home Suleimanovych in the village Tazen-Kala of Vedensky district of Chechnya was hit by a missile from a military helicopter. The father Shamsudin Suleymanov and his wife at this point was with relatives, but the house were their three children: 22-year-old said, 18-year-old Zaret and 14-year-old Sagan.

the shelling youngest child died of Saret received opened cherepno-a brain trauma and penetrating trauma to the head, instead of eyes she got the prosthesis. Said also blind in one eye. Brother and sister have acquired a disability. The applicants ‘ house was completely destroyed.

we will Add, at that time in the village remained only three families, including suleimanovych. Most of the locals left at home after sweeps and bombing of the village.

the FSB acknowledged that the father never was suspected of participation in illegal armed formations, and a day ridingLa didn’t do any anti-terrorist operations. The military also insisted that there were this day, no action.

the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 167 (deliberate destruction of property as a result of explosion that caused the death of a person). Despite the fact that examination came to the conclusion that the house was struck unguided rockets, the investigation has not found military, which issued them.

April 24, 2009 the headquarters of the United group of forces in the North Caucasus, located in Khankala replied to the request of investigators that are interested in their record of departures for the year 2004 were destroyed after storage period in 2006.

When one of the applicants found in November 2006 on the site of their destroyed house a fragment with the identification number 130-mm rocket rockets (18-02-048-02), the investigation refused to disclose the military unit that it belonged to, because this information was deemed a state secret.

“the Court, considering the fact that the strike on 3 December 2004 was caused by the helicopter, does not find convincing the argument of [Russian] government, which indicates that the helicopter and its pilot is not installed. As it comes from the fact that military aircraft are available exclusively from the state, or rather in the Russian armed forces”, – is spoken in the decision of the ECHR. The investigation suleimanovych goes so far.