20 Min. / difficulty: Easily / calories P. P. : 170 kcal.

ingredients For 4 Personen1Gekochte Rande1 dlweisser Balsamicoessig2 dlOlivenöl1 TBSP liquid honey salt, pepper 80 g small diced Vegetables (Brunoise), blanchiert1Schalotte, fine Schnittlauch100 gFeta-Käse100 gRucola preparation diced large boiled edge peel and cut into 8 uniform slices sschneiden.2 edge slices on 4 large plates.Vinegar, Oil and honey and mix well (possibly with a stick blender).Season with salt and pepper. Arugula on the plate.Feta cheese small.Feta cheese, diced Vegetables, scallions, and chives (scissors cut) to the Vinaigrette to give.On the edge of the slices. Therefore, you should have more beetroot to eat

the Beetroot, as the margins are called in Germany, delivers important nutrients and valuable mineral salts that support the body in the cold Season.