Yrkessjåfør Bjørn Erik Ovesen is one of the many wagon trains and truck drivers who now stand firmly on the Saltfjellet.

– We are stuck on the Krokstrand. Here I have been for more than 24 hours along with 14 other termovogntog with foods to Northern Norway.

So far in the winter have the E6 over the infamous Saltfjellet been closed or kolonnekjørt 141 times, figures from the Norwegian public roads administration. It is a new record.

– We begin to be reasonable impatient and rent now.

Ovesen and colleagues need to stay on a good portion of patience. It has in fact taken longer to clean the road than first anticipated. The latest information now is that it should be made a new assessment of the road shall be opened at 15.

CLOSED: how To see it out on the way up Saltfjellets south face of the mountain at 12 on Tuesday.

Photo: Norwegian public roads administration

Usually running Ovesen only in the South of Norway, but was in Northern Norway when koronakrisen occurred.

– I was here when koronakrisa came ramlende inward. Therefore, parked I’m my own hanging on Fauske and has run for a local company now in a month’s time, he says.

He says that stillstanden get some of the implications in terms of delays on the goods they are carrying.

We are following on the webcam from the Norwegian public roads administration. We see that brøytebilene has not yet passed the barriers on the mountain. We hope it resolves itself, it could have significant social consequences.

Estimate that around 60 wagon trains have to wait

In all count Ovesen around 20 vehicles at Krokstrand-page. In addition, the multiple vehicles on the other side of the Saltfjellet.

– It is surely up to 60 here in total, estimates he.

another driver, Bendik Lien Sakshaug, is also fixed.

– I’ve been here for about 13-14 hours now. It starts to get boring.

Sakshaug says he has used his hours on the stand on the Saltfjellet to wait in during the winter.

I have not thought so much of it, but I’ve probably been maybe 30-35 hours total in the winter, ” he says.

Researcher: – Large impact

Researcher Kjersti mr. granås Bardal by Nordlandsforskning.

Photo: Nordlandsforskning

Researcher Kjersti mr. granås Bardal by Nordlandsforskning has taken his doctorate at the consequence closures get for fresh salmon and cod that will be out in the world.

She says that the entire food chain, notice that such an important mountain crossing is closed so many times in a few months.

– Especially for those transporting food and other perishables. This is goods that have already been transported far – perhaps from the south of Europe. These goods do not have as much time to lose.

the Consequence is that the lost money and the mess in the eu, this is cars must be return back with them.

In the long term can closed the roads do that the industry is starting to test out other routes, such as Sweden. Veistenging can also make more goods to be moved over to the rail, ” says Bardal.

– Can this skrekkvinteren actualize a tunnel through the Saltfjellet?

– It’s probably inconceivable for many. But after this winter, one might wonder? And climate change may also provide more such winters with much precipitation and wind, which in turn gives nullføre and difficult driving conditions.

Meteorologist: – a wintry week in store

the Drivers on the Krokstrand try to keep your spirits up, although they soon has been on For more than 24 hours.

Photo: Bjørn Erik Ovesen

the on-duty meteorologist Eirin Arnesen by Værvarslinga for the North Norway has no comfort to give to vogntogsjåførene waiting to get over Saltfjellet.

Or nordlendinger who are tired of shoveling snow and yearning for spring.

I feel with you, ” she says.

While Troms and Finnmark can expect stable winter weather the next few days, it is far more uneasy in Nordland.

– Nordland must suffer most the week here. Already tomorrow will come a new dose of snow, so there is no reason to put away snøskuffa.

Wednesday will snøgrensa be around 200 metres. On Thursday, the air is colder, and when we are talking sleet and snow flurries all the way down in the pebbles in Nordland, according to Arnesen.

Our aim …

But in the holy see, fortunately, it’s brighter out.

towards The weekend it looks like it builds up a high pressure. Than as long as it is a bit unclear as to how høytrykket place.

– It means plussgrader and calm wind conditions. There will be no værtapere in the weekend and the temperatures will be up in the entire country, ” says the meteorologist.

Beyond next week, it is also promising.

– It looks like høytrykket can be left at the start of the next week, until Tuesday or Wednesday if we’re lucky, ” says meteorologist Eirin Arnesen.

CLOSED: how To see it out on the way up Saltfjellets south side at 10 on Tuesday.

Photo: Norwegian public roads administration