In the aviation community suddenly very relevant was the theme aircraft of the 6th generation. Provoked the interest of aviation top Manager Ilya Tarasenko. He promised that he branded the Russian design school – “Sukhoi” and “MiG” – along will work on the fighter 6th generation. “MK” has learned ideas on the aircraft of the future.

Ilya Tarasenko stands today, one in three persons: he heads a “Dry” RSK “MiG” and is also the Deputy Director of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC). He had a hard life to lead the merger process “Dry” and “MiG”, that is, “to cross a hedgehog with a snake”.

it is Known that these two firms are tightly competed with each other in the Soviet aviation industry for decades. In this competition came to light masterpieces of aviation fighter 4th generation su-27 and MiG-29.

at the very beginning of the epic with the creation of aircraft of the 5th generation of the company went “head to head”. But then the aviation gods from the MiG turned away. Began the personnel reshuffle, outage, shrinkage. As a result, “migowski” the prototype aircraft of the 5th generation MiG 1.44, which was about 20 years ago, has become a dead-end branch of the Russian aircraft.

a Favorite of the 5th generation was recognized to be the development of “Dry”, which went through a few names – promising aviation complex frontal aviation (PAKFA), T-50 and, finally, the su-57. HQs ordered the first batch of these machines. Some experts believe that this “victory in the air battle” was largely due to the penetrative abilities of the former head of “Sukhoi” Mikhail Pogosyan.

In June, the “Sukhoi” and “MiG” was merged. Or rather, the remnants of the “MiG” conquered “Dry”. So evaluate what is happening in many aviation specialists Mikoyan company. Obviously to calm not very happy with the conditions of the combination of “OKB”, Ilya Tarasenko and decided to designate a lofty goal, promising that on the sixth generation of both KB will work together.

But, it seems that this is the case, about which they say: “promise – not to marry.” The fact that, according to experts, these aircraft can appear not earlier than in 2040-2050-ies. So we’ll have to wait. What will become of the once glorious KB through the decades, we can only guess.

There is another problem. Taking into account world tendencies of development of a new combat airplane, it can be argued that the task of creating the aircraft of the 6th generation goes far beyond the competencies and the “Dry” and “MiG” and even oak. The fact that fundamentally new characteristics that will distinguish the vehicles of the 6th generation from aircraft 5-th generation American F-35 or the Russian su-57, it can be ensured only on the basis of breakthrough technologies in engine, aviatio��Mr. weaponry, electronics, digitization.

On the complexity of the task gives some idea of futuristic electronic publication aviation edition The authors have outlined some of the characteristics of the aircraft of the 6th generation: is the fighter capable of flying at speeds 2-3 times the speed of sound, has the ability to go into space and return to the atmosphere. “War machine will continue to use rockets, but perhaps the Arsenal will be supplemented with laser weapons,” the newspaper writes.

the Most important changes must occur in the part of the flight work. According to the author, artificial intelligence technologies fundamentally change the ways of piloting and the nature of the combat missions. It is not excluded, and a complete lack of the pilot in the cockpit. The only question is whether the engineers of the future to create on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI) warrior-pilot, able to surpass modern aces.

At the same time, the author fantasizes, the whole digital story fighting robot pilot will be automatically uploaded to the Central database “with all the experiences and battles that they experienced during its existence.” “Imagine a pilot with 100 years of piloting experience and millions of hours behind the wheel, able to adapt to new devices and configurations fighters”, – the newspaper writes.

However, according to the media, these technologies will not appear in the coming decades.

the Second option is remote control aircraft from the ground. The lack of a cockpit with all the life support systems and rescue, will give designers a gain in mass of the aircraft and will remove restrictions on the overloads, due to the physiological capacities of the pilot.

“However, in the near future expect a new product not necessary,” – concludes the author.

it Remains to wish the United KB of “Dry” and MiG” to find more real and in demand projects for the preservation in Russia of a once great engineering schools.