The clinics of the University Psychiatric services (UPD) in Bern, are a point of contact for people suffering from addiction. But there, of all places, should be located in the clinic Area, a Drug hub (VIEW reported). The drug problems in front of the doors of the psychiatry and rehab provided these days in the headlines. The accusation was brought by former patients, visitors and staff alike. to weigh

According to the UPD so far to the allegations has reflected, now, Franz Moggi, chief psychologist of the UPD Bern, for the first time to the case and is surprised whether the drugs problem in front of their own doors.

UPD wants to internally set to “weak” view

“We have for 2015 a security service that performs regular inspections. Also, in consultation with the patient, the appropriate checks would be made. And suspicion on our part, we control in addition, patients coming from the output,” says the UPD chief psychologist to “Tele Bärn”. Even visitors would be required, if there is a suspicion, to show their bags.

The Canton of Bern police Department confirmed to “Tele Bärn” that the said drugs to be a problem, but not greater than elsewhere.

Still want to accept the clinics of the Psychiatric University services the case. “We will internally look where it could be the weak point. If you consider that there are not even in high-security wings drug-free spaces,” said Moggi. However, the chief psychologist maintains that it was the UPD to a “treatment institution” and not a high-security prison. (rad)