“a Unique work”, “great premiere” and other pretentious adjectives. Important Ukrainian “Peremoga” — according to media Square. The participation of Oleg Sentsov in the program, no less, of the Berlin film festival. That is, one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world. At least write about it with emotion and fanfare. Say, in the capital of Germany already showed a new film called “prisoner of conscience”, based on his own play. Called “Rooms”. The genre is stated as a grotesque dystopia — “in a society where everything is subordinated to strict rules, and people do not have the right to love who you want”.

the Idea is, frankly, not the most original. Nevertheless, the fact is impressive: only the second picture in the career of either Director, or, what sounds more reasonable — terrorist — and once at the Berlinale. On a par with the works of the directing elite of the Old world.

Although, perhaps not in the cinematic values here?

“Number” Sentsov Ukrainian news — first number going. Kiev media screaming about the “world premiere” in Germany. And in actual fact was a stealth show in a tiny theatre in Berlin.

“Man wants to attract the attention of his preparing for the role of the new policy in the Ukrainian booth. Why not? Well, dumped it in Germany — will show there is some movie he wasn’t even directing, but it will appoint an honorary Director. It’s just a statement. Only not staged Sentsov, and the setting with whales,” — said Alexander Medina, journalist, blogger

Sentsov at the press conference complained that, supposedly, was going to remove the picture on his play himself, but it didn’t work because it languished in a Russian prison. So on the set was headed by the actor Akhtem Seytablaev.

“Judging by the trailer, this performance embodied in the video. That is the place to be. But it has little to relationship to art cinema,” sure Maria armless, film critic.

the Drama of the mid-90s, the feelings of the critics. Well, according to plan — movie terrorist Sentsov something like dystopia. The worshipper of the Great Zero athletes”rooms” raise the abandoned stadium a riot.

“you Have to understand that it is a dangerous weapon that can be used against you, which guys – you need to be careful not because not to do so. So I’m happy with the revolution, and it’s all right,” said Sentsov.

it Is about the Maidan, apparently. Even if he was not happy — in Kiev recently on hand it was worn as a supposedly escaped from the castle dungeons.

“His so-called heroic aura, gradually narrowing. I think this person would like to take his place in the active Ukrainian politics is that it uses overseas filming area. It is clear that Mr. Sentsov not pull on a prominent film Director, but even if he presents absolutely weak from the point of view of aesthetics of art film or some other products, the European public is not to criticize him,” said Ivan Mizuho, the analyst.

In this picture a mixture of many things: allusions to the plague doctors of the middle Ages, sentries in the German helmet, shaman dances around the fire. The movie “Numbers” included in the special program of the Berlinale.

Like, sounds solid. However, the picture Sentsova is out of the competition. Do, for example, when it is necessary to show a certain movie. No matter worthy of it’s international or not.

“You like beyond criticism and opinions. You cannot be punished by neglecting it. Sentsov have a very convenient place, because it will be favored by this festival for life though, if only because it sat in a Russian colony and no matter how talented will of his subsequent works,” — said Bezrukov.

“Room" Sentsova prize of some may get, why not? For example, audience award, against the background of anti-Russian sentiment. It is quite typical for the Old world. Here only hardly it has any relation to artistic values that Sentsov already shown in Berlin.