The draft law on the rules of transition of the Russian sportsmen in the international clubs submitted to the Duma

the President of the Russian hockey Federation, the member of the Duma Committee on health protection Vladislav Tretyak and the head of the Committee for physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev submitted to the state Duma a package of draft laws regulating the transfer of athletes.

Now the law on physical culture and sport does not contain any restrictions related to the transition of athletes. According to the amendments, the contract of rendering of services in sports training may contain provisions that impose restrictions of the transition of athletes in other sports organization.

“for Many years, the state invests budget funds to the education of promising young men. One of the best athletes take professional clubs, schools lose their best players, teams fall apart, the audience lose interest. And Federation about the transitions I know nothing”, – said Degtyarev “the parliamentary newspaper”.

it is Assumed that in the transition the athlete needs to take into account the expenses of the schools, who raised him, and the Federation needs to define rules and conditions for transitions.

Another project proposes to Supplement the law on sports regulations on the need to establish mandatory requirements for the activities of sports agents that deal with the employment of athletes and coaches in professional sports clubs. Now some federations established the obligation of the agents to the procedures of accreditation, but in most sports accreditation for agents is not required.

the other two bills aimed at clarifying the powers of the all-Russian sports federations in the field of conclusion of contracts with athletes and improvement of the procedure for concluding contracts with foreign organizations.

“Russia has all the conditions to build the perfect sports career. Agents and the movers and shakers of the sports world today break the fate of hundreds of talented boys in many sports, drawing them abroad. The bill we offer about theto azati athletes and their agents to sign contracts with foreign clubs only in accordance with the rules approved by Russian sports federations”, – said Degtyarev.

Speaking about talented boys, Degtyarev in the first place hints at the players, skills which are in demand abroad. In other team sports, the demand for Russian rising stars, speaking without exaggeration, small.