The dollar topped 81 ruble

10.05 Moscow time the dollar at the maximum rose to 81,49 ruble and the Euro reached the level 87,22 of the ruble. Stocks of Mosuri and RTS, opened trading with a drop of 4% and 6% respectively. Later, the growth index has slowed and the ruble managed to recover.

Photo: Taras Litvinenko / RIA Novosti due to fluctuations of the ruble exchange rate will change the range of alcohol

the Russian market still follows the dynamics of world markets and oil prices. On Monday a barrel of Brent crude oil dropping to nearly $ 20, this morning it was hovering near $ 26 per barrel, which is still 3% lower than the previous close.

On world markets continued confusion, caused by the measures against the coronavirus, says a leading analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov. Dollar liquidity remains in deficit, even after massive injections of the U.S. Federal reserve.

the Number of cases of the virus in the world exceeded 332 thousand, and deaths is approaching 15 thousand. China’s claim that 90% of patients with coronavirus had already recovered, while the growth in the number of cases mainly occurs due to the arriving citizens. Nevertheless futures for the American indexes again reached the limit of fall, Kochetkov said.