The dollar fell below 78 rubles

At 10.14 GMT, the dollar fell to a minimum of 77,93 of the ruble, the Euro became cheaper to 84,35 of the ruble. Stocks of Mosuri and RTS started trading growth of about 3-4%. A barrel of Brent crude oil in the environment is weakly more expensive around 2% and is approaching 28 dollars, follows from the data exchange ICE.

At the end of trading on Tuesday, the index Mosberg rose more than 7% and the RTS grew by more than 9%. On the eve of the ruble managed to strengthen against the dollar and the Euro in the range of 40-60 cents to 78,28 and 84.48 ruble respectively.

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the strengthening of the ruble was not too accentuated because of oil that continues to mark time awaiting April 1, when a price war the major manufacturers can begin or turn into a joke with the consequences, says a leading analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov. “Anyway, there is hope that us shale companies can cut production to improve prices, which at current levels do not satisfied. In the longer term, the ruble may wait a long wave of consolidation due to the difference in rates with the dollar and the unlimited QE from the fed,” he notes.