The doctor told Putin about the two scenarios of the situation with coronavirus

Vladimir Putin visited the hospital in the Moscow village of Kommunarka, where the patients with coronavirus and suspiciously at him. At the meeting with the doctor the President asked him to comment on the organization of the fight against the spread of the disease.

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– You as the person who is called, in a field that is directly faced with this problem, and are working, – said the head of state Denis Protsenko, – do you have any ideas, comments, suggestions? Maybe on the organization of our work not only in Moscow, we will talk about the organization of work of this sort throughout Russia.

Protsenko noted that from a medical point of view, now described two scenarios: a more favorable “Asian” and “Italian” – when the spread of the disease increases.

it is Very important to work out the Italian scenario, if suddenly it would surge a large, – said the doctor. And Moscow on this way and went, and our hospital is really ready to transform if a large number of patients.

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He said that in the clinic of 606 beds to turn 190 in intensive care. “Plus raise the ventilator from the warehouses, and all these 600 beds become large intensive care center, which gathers experts from all over the city regulations. This here is the Italian model,” said Denis Protsenko.

If the situation will develop in the Chinese or Korean way, “and all this terminates in April, in may,” the doctors will be very happy, he said.