Therefore, the rehabilitation of patients with novel coronavirus infection should begin as early as possible with any severity of the disease, told the “Russian newspaper” the Deputy Director General, SMRC cardiology, Russian Ministry of health (CHusovskogo cardiology) Nana Pogosova.

– Experience of our COVID center said in favor of this approach. Even in patients on oxygen support in the departments of reanimation and intensive therapy, we have begun rehabilitation. Then she continued after transfer of patients to the ward. At first was carried out breathing exercises, which is then supplemented by feasible for patients physical therapy. These studies led to obvious increase in the saturation (saturation) of oxygen to the blood.So, classes until saturation of the patient could be 91%, and after 30 min – already 93%. This is very important. Patients noted that after each workout they breathe easier and they feel they feel much better – said Nana Pogosova.

According to her, rehabilitation can be carried out in the outpatient setting and in a rehabilitation centre or sanatorium if they work on this profile. In the framework of rehabilitation the patient is typically evaluated original condition, including respiratory function and a number of other indicators. It is necessary for the development of personalized rehabilitation programs – because as all patients are different. “Rehabilitation of patients improves not only objective indicators, but it has another very important effect – it significantly improves emotional and psychological state of patients, their quality of life,” said the doctor.

Previously head of the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation sechenovskiy University, expert of the League of nation’s health Yevgeny Achkasov in conversation with “the Russian newspaper” said that the rehabilitation program may include oxygen therapy, hyperbaric chamber, interval hypoxic training, when breathing air, oxygen-depleted, normal and enriched with oxygen. Medical therapy should include special expectorant drugs. Used to support the cardiovascular system, because the coronavirus affects the myocardium. If people did, you need to develop muscles and to appoint a health food.