For the prevention of infectious diseases taking vitamins useless, said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in his Instagram account.

According to him, the vitamins should be drunk with a proven vitamin deficiency. “If you don’t have enough of a vitamin, for some reason it is not absorbed, or if you are unable to drink, eat, swallow, or if as a result of improper nutrition the body something loses,” wrote Komarovsky.

the Doctor added that the complex vitamins can be useful if people incorrectly prepared for the isolation and accumulated stocks of junk food.

Earlier, British scientists advised to take vitamin D during a pandemic coronavirus. Experts said that as people spend a lot of time indoors and almost not exposed to direct sunlight, they will not get this substance in sufficient quantities. It was clarified that vitamin D does not affect the probability of infection by the coronavirus or the treatment of the disease, as previously erroneously claimed by some sources.