The doctor revealed new data on the Kommunarka

Only hospital in Kommunarka is being treated 454 patients, in recent days, discharged, 87. This was reported on Saturday, the chief doctor of the institution Denis Protsenko in your account in Facebook.

"Consists of treatment 454. For the day, there were 79, 87 discharged," wrote Protsenko.

He said that the only hospital there are 439 patients with a diagnosis of "pneumonia" and with confirmed coronavirus – 194. In the Department of reanimation and intensive therapy are 48 patients, 23 of them were on ventilators.


In Russia on April 10, 917 recorded 11 cases of infection with coronavirus, 795 recovered. A large part of the infections are in Moscow (7 822). According to the Federal operational headquarters on Friday morning, died 94 people. The government has launched a resource stopmanager.Russia to inform about the situation in the country.