not all bruises are harmless. And in some cases their appearance was the reason as quickly as possible to see a specialist, says German dermatologist Ian Handlebars.

one should get Alert if the bruises occur frequently and as though without cause – that is, not injuries or any damage. In addition, abnormal if the bite marks are formed when the person just with the force pressed on the skin.

In this case it is necessary to take the analysis to determine the potential blood clotting. It indicates a change in the blood viscosity, which can be caused by development of dangerous diseases in the body. Up to tumors.

Also bleeding disorders can be hereditary or occur as a result of the medication. This will help to understand the doctor.

– In some cases, patients with a large number of bruises detect leukemia. It should be noted that the bruises are especially dangerous if they are close to the bone. It is also possible that your doctor may prescribe surgical removal of a clot, warned the expert.