Of science, engineering and Planet-and A person from the Canadian province of Ontario has succeeded in creating a single ventilator is so smart that it does not have the for nine patients at the same time, it can be used. The colleagues of the anaesthetist, with Alain Gauthier, the inventor in question, it’s called social media a ‘genius’. In a tweet about his striking finding was more than 70,000 likes, among others, Tesla ceo Elon Musk. He is called the modified machine”, is very interesting.”

the World is currently passionate search for additional ventilator support, for their lives, fighting coronapatiënten in intensive care. Alain Gauthier has played in that development, and the crafts, and was inspired by a YouTube video that he has on the subject matter and found a system that allows the tube of the device in a safe and secure manner through the structure can be divided into a maximum of nine zuurstofslangen.

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According to Gauthier work well, but only in the patients, which is almost the same size of lungs and an equivalent capacitance, said he aanCanadian Press. He says that it was converted from a ventilator when it is connected to multiple patients, slightly higher, or else it will need to be adjusted. It is the only way to the lungs of several patients will be provided with the right amount of oxygen to a consistent pressure.

in the Event that any of the other options.

is The branch of machine it is, thus, emphasized the specialist of the and the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital , in the province of Ontario, not to the patient connected to it. At the present time in the hospital and still have enough “fans” are. However, the doctor thinks that, if the coronacrisis in Canada, the more serious it is, he has several machines in a hospital or at other locations, you will need to convert it.

“It is possible that there will eventually be no other options, and my life-support system, from anywhere in Canada and in other countries, it will have to be introduced. It works in a lot of cases, really good. Gauthier, who will realize that it is one device per patient is more ideal, it promoted many years ago by an examination of the possibilities of the technology behind the air-supplied respirator.

Shoot-out in Las Vegas

It’s not the first time that a mixture of branched-chain beademer, it will be used. Alain Gauthier claims that a similar amendment will also, in practice, it was a massive shoot-out on October 1, 2017 in the Us gambling city of Las Vegas has to offer.

The 64-year-old Stephen, the Track shot that day, in a countryfestival in his hotel room to concert-goers. In the past, which is one of the most violent of shootings in the modern history of the United States of america, were 58 deaths and 869 of injuries.

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