After the lifting of the quarantine of the population need the help of psychologists, said the doctor of medical Sciences Yury Bubeev.

MOSCOW, may 16. /TASS/. After the lifting of the quarantine and mode isolation for coronavirus infection of the population need the help of psychologists and psychotherapists to return to normal life. This opinion in an interview with TASS was expressed by the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director of the Institute biomedical problems (IBMP) Russian Academy of Sciences for science Yuri Bubeev.

According to him, self-isolation, especially forced, is a strong stress. You can expect that there will be a certain percentage of people with psychological trauma, for which the consequences of quarantine will be more noticeable than others, he said.

“After the lifting of quarantine some some people faced with the unwillingness to step out of isolation. This problem will occur. This fear — a phobia that people will need to be overcome. If it will not turn out independently, it is necessary to resort to the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist, until medical treatment. So, apparently, the work of psychotherapists and psychologists after quarantine will increase,” — said the scientist.

As noted Bubeev, people can be divided into several categories, according to their attitude to the situation with coronavirus infection and the efforts made are: “panicky”, “anxious” and “adequately assess the situation” (if you do not take those who deny the existence of danger). Among the “panicking” just expect problems with the release from isolation and some inadequate decisions with their hand on the way to work, the door of the apartment. Even if the epidemiological situation is normalized, they will have a great fear that will inhibit their normal activities in society.

“In any case, judging by the experience of other countries, you have to understand that the imminent end of the pandemic will be. The new wave of coronavirus infection is possible. The skills of social distancing and sanitation, of course, still require. So to a certain extent it’s good that people will not return immediately to your old habits,” — said the representative of the IBMP.

returned to the working rhythm of life

overall, according to psychotherapist, for most people a way out of the isolation should be relatively painless, return to the working pace of life will take about a week. “There is a certain analogy with how we come to work after a long holiday. When you were on a long hike or in exotic countries, it takes about a week to reach the optimal operating level. There will be about the same,” said Bubeev.

To be easier to return to usual rhythm of life, the scientist advised to monitor his physical condition.

“it is Also a useful psychological exercise, to relaxation, to overcome fears, overcome anxiety,” said Bubeev.

People who have a fear of infection of the coronavirus infection, the doctor advises to read official data on COVID-19, official statistics in their region, to know the epidemiological situation and really evaluate it .

On a more easy exit from isolation will work any restorative procedures. The opportunity to be in the fresh air, plenty to eat, chat with colleagues also will facilitate the return of psychological comfort.