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the vega archipelago on the Helgeland coast in Nordland, a Unesco world heritage site. Much of the reason for this is ærfuglene and tending of these.

Now ask the directorate for cultural heritage the municipality for exemption from the current prohibition for certain cabin owners. So will it honor possible for volunteers fuglevoktere to get to the island.

We are committed to do everything we can to take care of the place through the verdensarvprogrammet. We are dependent on a large ærfuglbestand. Fuglevokterne makes an important effort to take care of this population, ” says riksantikvar Hanna Geiran in a press release.

the vega archipelago was inscribed on Unesco’s world heritage list in 2004. The site tells about how the generations of fiskerbønder through the last 1500 years has developed a unique way of life based on fishing, agriculture, ærfuglrøkting and gathering of eiderdown.

In 2019 opened a private verdensarvsenter on the islands. See from the opening when the crown prince was present.

Believes hytteforbud can destroy

It is forbidden to stay at the holiday properties in other municipalities than the one you live in.

the directorate for cultural heritage believes the regulation can turn very harmful for the fuglevokterne associated with the vega archipelago world heritage foundation.

Several of these have a home address outside of Vega.

Vega is known as one of the country’s world heritage sites. The directorate for cultural heritage believes the volunteers efforts for the common eider is important to maintain the status.

Photo: Nyhetsspiller

the directorate for cultural heritage is now sent letters to Vega and asked them to give in on the ban for the hytteeierne that also has undertaken the work as fuglevoktere.

We have great respect for the efforts made to avoid the spread of koronasmitte. But to be able to stay in Vega municipality, in order to drive the tending of eider ducks is critical to ensure the verdensarvverdiene, said Geiran.

She points out that the municipality has already opened for that trader that works to safeguard the world heritage, but miss the opening for the volunteers.

It is not the first time the common eider has faced challenges. The islands are also a favored place of residence for the otter. It creates problems.

– Volunteers need to apply for the exception

the Municipality says they have already given permission to the companies that work with the common eider, but that volunteers must apply for the exception.

Andre Mills says a company has received exemption from the prohibition on stay at the holiday home. Still need volunteers apply individually to the municipality for an exemption.

Photo: Ole Christian Olsen / NRK

– We have not taken a position on the volunteer even. They must apply for an exemption to the municipality. They have their interest as any other. We need to look at where they will stay while they are there if necessary, but each must apply to the municipality.

the Mayor says that they have limited access to the health care provider and physician, that is something of concern if it were to come to many who do not live in the municipality on a daily basis.

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