Within the Premier League a day to resume, all the players in the best English superliga tested for coronaviruses.

It takes at least Richard Bevan, who is the director of the LMA (League Managers Association, red.), representing the coaches in the Premier League-the clubs.

“Our coaches have no desire to return to the pitch before the players have been tested,” says Richard Bevan to the BBC.

Conversely, stresses Richard Bevan, that the tests should first be done when the English health professionals have been given the opportunity to be tested, as this is far more important.

“When it happened, everyone in the sports world have access to it.”

According to the BBC have the English football association (EFL) sent a letter to all Premier League clubs that associated was ‘hopeful’ that the season may be resumed within 56 days. Richard Bevan believes, however, that ligaforeningen should discuss this in a higher degree with the coaches in the clubs.

the Coaches must be able to discuss the ambition of the players, which as a minimum should get three weeks of training before the season resumes, believes Bevan.

the Premier League is right now suspended indefinitely, as it has been since the beginning of april. There is not been played football since the month of march in England.