The Director of the series

How, in your opinion, any person in need of protection and worthy of her?

Vladimir Kott: it seems to Me that there are people who need protection, and there are those who want to help others. This separation of lives within the person. Because there are those who are doing things, and there are people who are waiting for them did some things. The question you asked, seriously. But, in my opinion, in different periods of life of any person in need of protection. It does not depend on age and life situation.

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for example, inveterate swindler and a scoundrel, a criminal or a maniac – they are worthy of protection?

Vladimir Kott: In fact this is the main problem of any lawyer who only starts to work. In principle this change of consciousness, that is professional deformation of thinking. Because the lawyer knows that a crime is committed, one person actually killed another, but to protect the killer is necessary. And how? If you do it honestly, then lie. And the lawyer defending the killer, it turns out, deceiving both the court and himself first of all. The lawyer justifies the brutal murder. But he does his duty. This was the main collapse of the legal profession. We have in the film is, in fact, happening. Specifically – breaking individual. So our heroine through the tears, the grief, the real search for truth comes to what and whom it will protect. It becomes a human rights activist! Takes the side of those people that clearly innocent and who definitely need help. Because the whole power of the state, which is thrown at these people and ready them to absorb, and also catches up with Nina Metlitsky. And internal sense of dignity and justice, which it is, give her strength to fight this system.

Metlitsky is a real person?

Vladimir Kott: Yes. The series is based on the book by Dina Kaminskaya “notes of a lawyer”. There are different cases from her practice, in particular – the “Business boys”. This is a story about how she saved from school massacre – their accused of raping his classmate in the murder.

This line is in the film.

Vladimir Kott: Yes. This vertical history (i.e. runs through all the series. – Approx. C. A.).

Close to the text of the book was made into a movie?

Vladimir Kott: the fact that authors have studied the real proceedings of that time. In particular, the transcript. Some of them almost literally went into the film. It was not an official transcript, which was in the courts, and self-published.

You quietly made to these materials?

Vladimir Kott: Yes, of course, the archives has it all.

there’s a book taken as a basis, plus actual court case?

Vladimir Kott: of Course. Chronicle of current events, book, website. Dina Kaminskaya, by the way, was very well acquainted with Lyudmila Alexeyeva.

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How relevant is the series “the Defenders”, because it turns out that today on the First channel out of the cinema, where it is told that the courts can be unjust. And unwittingly draws a parallel with modern high-profile trials. So you foresaw this?

Vladimir Kott: first, by and large, I didn’t expect the First channel, as in theth overall political situation, put the show on the air. Indeed, now such a great demand for justice, for compassion, for hope – the courts have to be honest… the film has some very hard cases. For example, 1968, the case of Natalia Gorbanevskaya, who put in a psychiatric hospital where she was diagnosed with “sluggish schizophrenia”. It was invented in the Soviet Union, because there’s no such thing. And when we shot, for me personally, this topic was relevant. I therefore agreed and included in this story: it was important for me to participate in the project, the main message of which is justice.

How each court – play? In the first series of the movie “Intercessors” is an episode when, while protecting a young boy who is accused of espionage, the lawyer – partner Metlitsky, literally playing an entire play before the court. Metlitsky so then talking about it – they say, the show…

Vladimir Kott: In fact, I personally tell the difference between a Soviet court and present: then the people’s court. The judge – it was not a profession. Always was the public Prosecutor, there was always the possibility not dry language to talk about articles of the Civil code. There was still a pre-revolutionary tradition of such famous lawyers as Fyodor Plevako, Anatoly Koni, and others. The opportunity of the last word of the defendants. And the lawyer was the last speech, and it was poetry, drama, a real spectacle. Now, in reality, these times return. Take, for example, art, Moscow, which takes place in other… the Performance is bad when the ending is known to all, but how to make the judicial process more bright and loud to attract the attention of the public is the task of the lawyer. Because now many professional lawyers believe that to justify the impossible, and fight to reduce the sentence.

This line is clearly shown you in the seriese when Metlitsky reduces the time.

Vladimir Kott: In principle, our story about how a little girl who had just graduated, came to court and started to act literally according to the letter of the law. Because we had the best criminal and Civil codes and the Constitution, but they did not act. And the lawyer was here made of UK and GK to act, put the judges in a deadlock. Because in one series, for example, achieved that a foreigner made a cash Deposit. This rule was prescribed in the Criminal code, but it did, no one ever used it for the first time forced the law to work.

Actress Marie waragi, which is similar to Audrey Hepburn, and the young Natalia Varley, how and where found?

Vladimir Kott: We were looking for an actress that would not have been known and not acted would in the current series and movies. We needed a new face. Because as soon as we would take any star, it would be immediately had the feeling that she is playing our Nina Metlitsky. Marie waragi – a great theater actress, and we approved it immediately after the first sample. Also I had absolutely unmodern person. You are nothing compared to Audrey Hepburn. Second: in the movie, where the heroine – a lawyer with a lot of text. It was important for us, as she says. Marie has a unique timbre and intonation. The feeling that she very carefully and correctly pronounce all the words. And, of course, when, on the one hand, the tenderness and the other toughness. She has it in her.

Director Vladimir Kott acknowledged that the project was very complex. Photo: RIA Novosti

role According to Nina Metlitsky very quickly losing the features of a girl Chicks and turns into a real woman. In order to succeed in his defense, she uses feminine qualities: flirting, attraction, that she’s beautiful… Right?

Vladimir Kott: of Course. To be a woman too the way of protection. When it is impossible to say words, have – hints. And to influence the court with their youth, youth, freshness. Because judges generally – are adults older men. But in this case it’s not a trick women’s, and human insides. In Marie, there is this inner sexuality, the brightness that we needed to show that her lawyer Metlitsky forcing everyone to listen to. And we still needed to find a heroine that she had strong charisma, and female weakness We found.

Among the producers of the series is your brother – Alexander Kott. He found this project?

Vladimir Kott: No. He found me (laughs) and suggested to Alexander Tsekalo on the role of Director of this series. Initially when writing the script, in the filming period, he helped me before the big producers to defend their ideas, thoughts and so on.

Many modern historical dramas of sin that they break the realities of today. Your was no exception. For example, this detail – when the lawyer – hero of Kirill Grebenshchikov – asks the editor of the newspaper put a note about the divorce, and suddenly he said to him: “Help, Help!”. Then didn’t say that in the Soviet times.

Vladimir Kott: Help! is the song “the Beatles”. He sings. We just did that on purpose.

Well, defended. The second is when the heroine rubs face in her hands utterly contemporary round cotton pad. Then such was not. Was just pieces of cotton wool in 60 years.

Vladimir Kott: Wow. I admit it. Draw conclusions… Thank you.

Key wapokoneta – on the main

In the TV series talking about some of the processes of Soviet times, which can be removed separate serials. Remember the case of Sinyavsky and Daniel, the prototype of one of heroines was Natalia Gorbanevskaya and other examples. Is it difficult and how can such processes of pokto ativate “schematically”, short, sometimes within the same series?

Vladimir Kott: it seems to Me that any process consists of details and nuances, and to isolate the main thing, that will show the General picture of the world – this was our task. And it was difficult.

help “RG”

the Lawyer Dina Isaakovna Kaminskaya (1919-2006) was a Soviet lawyer and human rights activist, known for his participation in the trials of Soviet dissidents. The father and older sister were lawyers, which greatly influenced the choice of profession Dina. In 1941 graduated from the Moscow law Institute and began working as a lawyer. As a lawyer Dina Kaminskaya participated in almost all the most high-profile political processes, 1960-1970-ies: she defended Vladimir Bukovsky, Yuri Galanskov, Anatoly Marchenko and many other participants of the dissident movement. In 1977, she emigrated to the United States. In exile Kaminska wrote the book “notes of a lawyer”, was a member of the Moscow Helsinki group. The wife of the lawyer Konstantin Simis, the mother of the scientist Dimitri Simes.