The Director of the series Karpov died of coronavirus

the Russian actor and Director Ivan Shchegolev died because of coronavirus. It is reported by “Izvestia” on Tuesday, April 21.

Producer and colleague of the deceased filmmaker Yefim lubinsky said that the last 11 days, 59-year-old Shchegolev held in the City clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov, but doctors failed to save him. Two days before his death, he was in critical condition.

Ivan Shchyogolev was born on 3 Feb 1961 in a family of actors. He directed such television series as “Karpov”, “Kulagin and partners”, “Morozova”, “the Game. Revenge”, “Wife”, “13”, “Crime will be solved”, “a Forester. Its land”, “family detective” and “turn the key”. In addition, he was the Director of the films “American grandfather”, “Cheat 2”, “I don’t trust anyone anymore” and “Owner”.

April 16 from the coronavirus had died of another Russian Director: Aleksandr Radov. Because COVID-19 one 79-year-old filmmaker began pneumonia.