The Director of Salahi stood up for Khamatova

The Director of the series “zulaikha opens his eyes” Egor Anashkin commented on the harsh criticism of the project and its main character performed by the actress Chulpan Khamatova.

“I was endlessly surprised by people who are better than anyone else know how it’s “wrong” that all shows are not as they seem. And it seems to us that this is so. When we were shooting the series, we consulted with historians, Museum workers, Museum Directors, and the fact that we were filming, it was under their strict control,” the Director said in the commentary

He also reminded that in addition to critics series, there are a lot of people who liked the work. However, according to Anashkina, they are so loud about myself not cry.

“Our history politics has no relation, it’s about people. Those who now, seeing the fragment, trying to judge the whole, because I think it is wrong and unfair, because our history is a story about forgiveness, about how simple the Tatar woman found the strength and courage to forgive your enemy, to love him and to continue to live. To live indefinitely, the negativity is horrible.

I believe that we need to be able to let go of the past and continue to live in the present, and in this same urge our opponents,” said Anashkin TASS.

According to the Director, he is glad that history did not leave the audience indifferent. The interlocutor of the Agency stressed that with respect to those who the picture is not much, and encourages critics to be respectful to those who give positive opinion about the project.

Previously, Khamatova said that gets a lot of curses in connection with the release of the series. According to the actress, she understood that representatives of the conservative-minded Tatars can accuse her of desecrating national life. However Khamatova did not expect that she will attribute the distortion of historical truth in General.

Iglesias added that the negative attitude to the attempts to embellish, “varnishing” of Russian history, and said that it seemed to her that the series will show the reality is not cruel enough. In her opinion, the ignorance of history does not give the population a chance to develop further.

In turn, the writer Guzel Yakhina, whose novel “zulaikha opens his eyes,” formed the basis of the series, said it does not intend to engage in debate with critics of the project.

The plot of the novel went to the family history of Agenoy. In 1930, the family of her grandmother dispossessed and sent from a Tatar village in Siberia. Years earlier, in an interview in the program “Just about the complex” coming in Yandex.The air, said that criticism of the novel it hurts. The carrier also stressed that “it is not turned inside out Tatar life,” on the contrary, wrote about this poor woman.