the Russian Embassy in the United States called upon the editors of Bloomberg to apologize to its readers for publishing misinformation about the level of confidence in the Russian President Vladimir Putin among the population. This was the Russian diplomatic mission said in his Facebook account.

Diplomats criticized the published material about Putin’s rating. In it, citing polls schedule, according to which the indicators of the incumbent, and 27 per cent. At the same time, the real level of public confidence in Putin — 67.9 percent.

“one gets the impression that the article in Bloomberg written to promote fake charts and create sustainable about visual images about the “negative dynamics” in Russia”, — said the Russian representatives.

They also noted that Bloomberg, by posting such materials, demonstrates a complete lack of respect for their readers, and encouraged the Agency to publish figures.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in the U.S. demand Bloomberg apologize for articles about the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia. Diplomats pointed out that the Agency, citing the world Bank, gave the wrong information on the number of hospital beds in the country.