the Greek Islands, located in the Eastern part of the Aegean sea, landed hundreds of migrants. They sailed by boat from the coast of Turkey. Earlier,after the aggravation of the situation in the Syrian Idlib, the Turkish Republic declared that it will not be able to contain flows of migrants and refugees, and opened its borders with the EU. What you write about the new immigration crisis of European and Turkish publications?

the magazine Der Spiegel says the European Union has not used the time to prepare for the repetition of the migration crisis in 2015. And the current situation is reminiscent of the panic. Der Spiegel predicts the development could be worse. Therefore, for the EU it is time to Wake up and develop the concept of sustainable migration — that is, the granting of asylum only to those who really need it, and control the integration of refugees into European society.

the Newspaper Focus offers options to resolve the crisis is to close the borders to accept refugees and provide financial assistance to Turkey — and wondering which of them will choose the EU.

Die Welt believes that the new migration crisis may lead to internal problems in the European Union, namely for the arrival of the populists and the strengthening of right-wing forces. Including of the party “Alternative for Germany”.

the Athens-Macedonian news Agency – the national newspaper of Greece says that the country has a constitutional obligation to protect its borders and maintain its integrity. For this the government is willing to use any means necessary, including military. The Agency notes that the Greek border is the external border of the European Union, protection of the interests of all EU member States. New immigration crisis poses an exceptional threat to the national security of the country. Therefore, those who illegally enters the territory of Greece, are arrested and transferred to special centres.

But Turkish media have predictably criticized the Greek authorities for harsh treatment with migrants. Cumhuriyet writes: tough action by the Greek authorities needs to be terminated immediately. People need to provide humanitarian assistance. The European Union must take urgent measures for the adoption and integration of refugees.