The detention of the FSB terrorists in the Mall caught on video

details Became known of detention in Krasnodar by FSB special forces 27-year-old local resident, who planned to commit a terrorist attack. As already wrote “RG”, the FSB prevented the impending major diversion. The detained men seized an explosive device that he intended to undermine in a public place.

In the video, which was filmed during the arrest, is seen as the commandos burst into an apartment where the suspect of preparation of act of terrorism. First, the security forces leave the room stun grenade, then rush themselves and twisted man. On his hands he wears the cuffs.

Photo: TSOs FSB of the Russian Federation Posted video of the arrest of the sponsors of ISIS in the three regions of the Russian Federation

Next filmed an improvised explosive device made from scrap materials. It is seen that a tank of explosive liquid stuffed with bolts and screws to increase the damaging effect. Also in the lens of the camera was, apparently, the e-fuse for this homemade bomb.

According to preliminary data, suspected of intention to commit a terrorist act was detained in a rented apartment in one of the buildings of the city. The young man also found documents showing that he’s 26 years old. Set up now is this true.

Besides, the men seized correspondence with overseas members in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

Where the resident of Krasnodar planned to detonate the bomb, the security forces are not misleading.