The details of the fire that killed ten horses: a suspected transaction

As it became known “MK” in the club taught children and adults the tricks of the riding. Also the animals were performers in the equestrian show theater. Sunday, like all the last days at the club because of mode isolation, no visitors. On the parade ground were two horses. The other animals were in the stable.

At lunchtime, the employees noticed smoke at the stables. They managed to bring five horses from the Lodge and open all the cages in the main stables. The horses rushed to the exit, but then got scared of falling beams, panicked and huddled in corners.

Just burned ten horses, Astek, Sheik, the Legion, the Fuse, Mary Antey, Putty, Blueberry, sweet. Closest to the exit was a horse named Legion. But the way he was also blocked by a fallen beam. The dead Pets were members of different species – Orlovskiy Trotter, Russian Trotter, trakenenskaya and others. Except they killed three raccoons who were housed in the barn for the winter.

the fire Area made 300 square metres. Its causes are established, the source of the electrical problem.