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Ukraine has demanded from Iran is immediate compensation to the families of those killed in the crash of the company “Ukraine International airlines” 8 January in Tehran. As stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko at the Munich security conference, Kiev also wants to access to investigate the incident.

“We will not retreat from the requirements PS752,” said Pristayko.

on Saturday, the foreign Ministers of Iran and Ukraine met on the sidelines of the conference, TASS. In the end the parties agreed that the inspection of the flight recorders of the liner will be held in the presence of Ukrainian experts.

Later, the participants of the International group for the coordination of assistance to the victims of the crash of flight PS752 the meeting decided that Minister for foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Zarif will be sent a letter demanding the punishment of those responsible for the death of people, transparency of the investigation and fair compensation.

January 11, the Iranian authorities acknowledged that the Boeing 737 was mistakenly shot down by missile defense systems elite armed forces. In the fall of the ship, killing 176 people.