Sooner or later it was bound to happen. Happened: in the lower house of Parliament adopted a draft law “On invalidation on the territory of the Russian Federation Decision of the Congress of people’s deputies of December 24, 1989 No. 979-1 “On political and legal assessment of the Soviet-German non-aggression Pact of 1939”. Author – the Deputy of the state Duma, the leader of the party “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev. The fight against “falsification of history”, the farther the more suitable to the object itself struggles have entered a decisive phase.

I Must say that the Deputy Zhuravlev has set itself a difficult task. If anyone thinks that MPs reformers condemned the Treaty of 23 August 1939, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, something very wrong. Nothing of the kind!

“the Congress of people’s deputies of the USSR agrees with the opinion of the Commission (for political and legal assessment of the Pact. A. V.) that the contract with Germany about nenapadenii was in a critical international situation, in the conditions of growing danger of the fascist aggression in Europe and Japanese militarism in Asia and had one of the goals is to take from the USSR the threat of the approaching war, – stated in the decree. – The Congress finds that the content of this agreement is not at odds with international law and Treaty practice of States accepted for this kind of settlement”.

Criticism is not the Treaty itself, and the Appendix to it of the secret additional Protocol. This document”, and other secret protocols signed with Germany in 1939 – 1941 as by the method of their preparation, and content was a deviation from the Leninist principles of Soviet foreign policy, and claimed MPs. – Taken in their delimitation of “spheres of interests” between the USSR and Germany and other actions were, from a legal point of view in contradiction with the sovereignty and independence of several third countries”.

in addition, it was noted that the negotiations were conducted in secret, that “the protocols were withdrawn from ratification procedures”. And “thus, the decision on its signing were in substance and in form an act of personal power and does not reflect the will of the Soviet people, who are not responsible for this conspiracy.”

What does not suit the Deputy Zhuravlev in such a relatively soft yet – there are much more stringent assessment of those events? In short – everything. “The decision is not consistent with the principles of historical justice, – reported in the explanatory note to the bill. – The practice of signing of the secret protocols characterized the diplomacy of the time, and economic and political interests of the States in a particular region are always present in international relations.

the Protocol did not change the borders of other countries in any way, including inoanim. Unlike methods today, when “democracy” is exported using the “orange revolutions”, by overthrowing the legitimate governments.”

Last point deserves special attention, since it is a direct falsification. A secret Protocol to the Treaty of 23 August 1939, namely, that “provided for the change of borders of other countries in any way”.

the Second paragraph of this document reads: “In the event of a territorial and political rearrangement of the areas belonging to the Polish state, the spheres of influence of Germany and the USSR would be approximately by the line of the rivers Narev, Vistula and San. The question is whether in the interests of both parties make desirable the maintenance of an independent Polish state and what are the boundaries of this state can only be definitely determined in the course of further political development. In any case, both governments will resolve this issue in a friendly agreement.”

following the signing events show that high side exactly in line with the signed agreements.

“the Ruling circles of Poland boasted a lot of “strength” of the state and “power” of his army, – said the head of the Soviet government Vyacheslav Molotov, speaking on 31 October 1939 at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. – However, it was short enough of a blow to Poland with the first German army, then red Army, so that nothing is left of this ugly offspring of the Versailles Treaty…”

After that there were many other arrangements and equally interesting statements. Including, for example, the response telegram of comrade Stalin, comrade Ribbentrop – before the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Third Reich, and the Fuhrer congratulated the Soviet leader on his 60th birthday – is aimed at the end of December 1939: “Friendship of the peoples of Germany and the Soviet Union, cemented by blood, has every reason to be long and strong.”

the Deputy Zhuravlev, person, having, according to a biographical note, higher education, all these historical facts should be well known. If, contrary to expectation, no, the ignorance, as we know, not an excuse. At least moral. But in the praise of the secret Protocol, that it is much better and more legal than the current “color revolutions,” and, therefore, of implementing it, – if desired it is easy to see and some legal component.

this are Not that notorious “rehabilitation of Nazism”, which is fiercely fighting against the current patriots? While leaving the question open, but think, right, there is something.

Well, that is still a zhuravlevskogo implementation of the initiative? The chances of acceptance, of course, is not absolute: absolute “communicating” law��projects we make only the President and the government. But not null.

the Time is now for hot. And the initiative Zhuravleva are quite in line with the state propaganda equating the pen of the historian to the bayonet, and evaluation of military and pre-war events, at variance with the version of “Short course” – to change.

However, the adoption zhuravlevskogo law will have an interesting side-effect, the extent of which it is difficult to assess. The Congress of people’s deputies acknowledged the secret protocols as “legally untenable and invalid from the moment of their signing”. That is the formal cancellation of the decision to mean that the Protocol from 23 August 1939 to be resumed, and the border of the state interests of Russia, the successor of the USSR, will again be held “on the line of the rivers Narev, Vistula and San”.

And what to do with this happiness? However, the Deputy Zhuravlev certainly there are ideas on this subject.