At the meeting of the Tyumen city Duma Deputy from the “United Russia” Alexander Zakharov said that the police must “remove from the roads the disabled and beggars”. The MP believes that these people spoil the image of the city.

“a Few years, as summer begins, people start our the disabled, beggar, beggars on the roadway. Ugly. In a good city, where [high] rating improvement”, — quotes the Deputy of the local edition of the NEFT.

Zakharov is convinced that begging in the street not individuals but a whole group. He urged the new chief of UMVD across Tyumen region Leonid Kolomiyets “relax” and restore order, promising from his side assistance.

“Can we clean up the mess? Can. If they’d arrived the President on two days — everything would be clean,” — said the Deputy.

In an interview with the building, Zakharov said that the disabled and beggars spoil the look of the city and create an emergency situation on the roadway.

“I’m the Deputy, who expresses the opinion of the people. I asked a question to the professionals who have to solve this problem,” — said the MP.

Zakharov, head of LLC “Management company “invest”, was awarded the title of Honored worker of housing and the Honourable worker of sphere of service. The Deputy of the Tyumen city Duma Zakharov was elected in 1997.