MOSCOW, may 5 — RIA Novosti. Company “Economy of tourism”, focusing on consulting, predicts that the global demand for travel will not resume until 2023, reports The Associated Press.

last week two of the hotel chain and booking website of housing announced the expansion of sanitation procedures in their facilities around the world to reassure travelers. In the amusement Park in Orlando, Florida, United States, experts figure out how to increase the space between the visitors of a roller coaster.

Gary Thelander, managing Director of the resort on Cape cod (USA), said it planned a lot of changes, including the registration of the mobile phone, the possibility to refuse service and increase dining time to reduce the number of people in restaurants.

Many resorts suggest that the behavior of travelers will change. For example, the Association of Thai travel agents is confident that more people will come in small groups or seek individual tours.

Ander Fuentes, who works as a tour guide in the Spanish province of Granada, believes that the tourists will move from the crowded beaches on the quieter mountain resorts. He hopes that this will be an opportunity for the development of a new kind of tourism. Reason, in his opinion, Spain will resume by mid-August.

In Italy, according to Marco Michielli, the owner of the hotel, near Venice, some hoteliers would prefer to re-open next year, and not to serve guests this summer with the staff in masks.

the world tourism organization (UNWTO) predicts that the number of tourists who visit the destination at least one night this year will fall by 30 percent. Alexander de Juniac, Director General of the International air transport Association (IATA), said that carriers need to fill at least 70 percent of the seats to gain profits on most flights. Otherwise, they will either cease to fly, or raise prices by 50 percent.