home deliveries by population and not by specialized courier services. The business model is based of Annanow. Each can work independently as a courier for the 2017 Start-up. Among the about 5,000 customers of the delivery platform, some of the Big like Ikea, Jumbo, Qualipet or interdiscount, Coop and many small shops.

the New Migros Do it + Garden, Micasa, and Melectronics add to this now. With globe Switzerland is even further Rollout of the delivery network. And in Bern at the end of April starts a collaboration with Manor.

Annanow (pronounced Anna-now) has set itself the target to deliver the products after receiving the order in less than an hour. The cost is borne by the customer in the rule. The retailer provides only the ordered goods. All Other Annanow: connection of the couriers, and insurance of the products during transportation.

80 percent of the cost of post and courier

Who receives up working for the startup, is employed by Annanow and for each completed delivery paid. Criticism, the Hobby-not insured by couriers, Co-founder Daniel degree EGGER (43): “Everyone is insured against accidents and social security contributions for the time he delivers for us.”

8000 couriers to work in Switzerland for Annanow. In addition to the private leisure Messenger, also provide Taxi organisations and professional couriers. The wage depends on the delivery distance and costs: 80 percent of the cost of delivery to the courier, the Rest of Annanow. The wages for taxi drivers, who deliver on their regular routes, goods, and so a little deserved, says degree EGGER.

a pilot project with Migros in Zürich

Interdiscount tests the Crowd-supplied with Annanow since last year in the Zurich branch of the Sihlstrasse and expanding the pilot project currently. Manor-CEO Jérôme Gilg knows Annanow already from his time as a Jumbo-chief. He made the Start-up-so-good experience, that he brought the cooperation with the Manor of Bern to the rollers, means on request of a VIEW. You hoped for a competitive advantage.

The minimum order is five francs, the delivery cost is ten francs for a distance of two kilometres and at 15 for three kilometers. Each additional two kilometers costs five francs.

The cooperation with Do it + Garden Migros Zurich has been running since the middle of March in connection with a “City-Farming-project” and is a Pilot, which lasts until the end of June. “It will be tested whether there is a demand”, it says. So far, the customer feedback are very positive.