you can Also sportgrootmacht in America, it is because of the pandemic threat of the corona virus in favour of the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo, japan. The push to build ever bigger, and some of the members of the international olympic committee are already aante that by 2020 will no longer be on the table. A final decision to leave is not a long time in coming, says sources within the olympic movement.

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The U.s. olympic and paralympic committee and USOPC) came to be in that position, following a recent survey, two-thirds of the American athletes ‘ favor turned out to be a postponement. In 1.780, athletes who were surveyed were 68 per cent are of the opinion that the Olympics this summer, let it continue and not be completely honest with you, it would have been, because a lot of the athletes in their preparation of disturbed beings. 25 per cent said ” not at all, to be able to work out, because the training centers and the swimming pools are closed.

“We urge the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in order to take the necessary steps to be taken in order to ensure that the Games are safe and secure for all participants”, so it sounds like it is Monday, and the announcement of the USOPC. Previously called the American Turnfederatie USA Gymnastics for the postponement.

Earlier, the Canadian olympic committee has announced this summer and not have the athletes to Play, they will send you. Also included are Australia, austria, Germany and Switzerland sent out of the delay of a year. The international pressure is more and more increasing, while the international olympic committee for a period of four weeks, and announced plans to make a final decision.

Photo: AP < / P> Tuesday, discussions between the IOC president and the Japanese prime minister

on Tuesday, there will be discussions taking place between the Japanese prime minister minister shinzo Abe and the international olympic committee president Thomas Bach. It is expected that the Japanese prime minister and the International Olympic Committee will have the right to ask to see the Play, and if it is delayed, by up to a year to move, if learned, news agency Kyodo, a regeringsbron. Before telling Abe that it was very difficult to get the Games to do so under the current circumstances. According to the Kyodo also Yoshiro Mori, the chairman of the organizing committee, the Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike, and the olympic minister Seiko Hashimoto participated in the discussions.

The final decision rests with the international olympic committee, the city of Tokyo and the Japanese olympic committee. It was signed in 2013, which is after all the contract to make the move to Japan to pick it up. Without an agreement with the local organising committee can be a respite from the Games, the international olympic committee have to be expensive to stand.

“the Decision is in a few days”

A final decision to let the case where you don’t have to wait for that. Sources within the olympic movement Tuesday to the news agency Reuters reported that the decision “within a few days of” fall”.

from leading IOC members, the postponement is already a fact:

“The Olympic Games are by the Tokyo 2020 is to be deferred”, is that it has a prominent international olympic committee member Dick Pound against the Us newspaper, USA Today, meantime, said in a telephone interview. “It is not yet clear how we will continue to go on, but the Games don’t go on the 24th of July, from the start, and I know that,” said the 77-year-old Canadian, is the former chairman of the world anti-doping Agency WADA. “On the basis of the information provided by the MINISTRY, now will be the Olympic Games will be postponed.”


According to the Pound, it is a good chance that the olympic Games in los angeles for a year to be postponed to the summer of 2021. The Pound, which is one of the world’s most influential international olympic committee members over the past few decades, he said, that he has reason to suspect that the MINISTRY will soon face a decision as to the out come. “And then you will have a roadmap to be drawn up. We are going to Tokyo for the 2020 delay, and after that, you will have an immense impact on the movement of the work.”

“More likely than not to be in the Olympic Games this summer in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo has been postponed”, said the French IOC member Tony Estanguet, who also chaired the organising committee for the Games of 2024, in Paris, Tuesday, on France Info.

According to the former olympic champion in kayak, which will be a challenge to find a new date to be found. “If you’re a football or tennisevent off, you have to stay in the same sport, and it’s pretty easy to get everyone on the same page to get it. In the Olympics, you will need consensus from all the national sports federations and this is a very complex one.”

at present, there are several scenarios on the table: keep the Games coming next summer, and a delay of a few months, or move to the next year. “The problem is that even the world health organization does not know when the crisis is behind us, it will lie down. The Olympic Games are coming now, not in the first place. We need to find a way to get this under control and new opportunities and watch.”

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Photo: AFP < / P> Atletiekliga will delay “the responsible choice”:

The Flemish Atletiekliga is the position of the wereldatletiekbond World of Athletics, and the question of the International Olympic Committee, IOC, for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 24 July-9 August) due to the coronacrisis out on a date to be determined. The league’s Tuesday, let me know.

“The coronasituatie is not only the country, but all over the world in its grip. We believe it’s irresponsible to Play on the scheduled date due to to to let you go”, says in a statement. “The safety of our athletes, coaches, family members, and loved ones at this time, we do. The athletes are all in, and go to great lengths in order to achieve their goals. Due to clarity, to create the international olympic committee and the turmoil there in addition to take it away and reduce health risks.”

“because of the many harsh but sensible measures that can be taken by the public authorities, athletes who are not in the ideal training condition for their olympic dreams to chase”, said the atletiekliga. “This is the qualification for the athletes, who do not yet have a place to Play, the affected by many of the delayed or cancelled and competition. Therefore, in our opinion, it is the deferral of the Play of the one and only responsible option.”

Without an agreement with the board may delay Play for the IOC to be expensive to stand out

even Though there are more and more voices are raised for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, is procrastinating, the International Olympic Committee to make the decision. A one-sided termination of the contract between the IOC and the organising Committee (TOCOG) can lead to billions in damage claims”, explained the sportadvocaat, John Mehrzad, the BBC is out. In order for such a scenario, a breach of an agreement to avoid it, there should be a agreement between the IOC and the TOCOG.

The party terminates the contract, it would be the coronapandemie as an act of god can be obtained. “But, god, is there not,” said Mehrzad. “At this moment in time, there is no indication that the Play cannot be taken on the scheduled dates, you can go to. No insurer is going to accept that.”

Lots of would prefer to, would the international olympic committee that the board itself will make the decision to take the Play to them. But that’s not going to happen. “It is the decision of the international olympic committee”, sounds like it is in Japan. This is also the emotional reasons behind it. The postponement of the Games would, however understandable in view of the situation – a huge loss of face to be seen. Finally, never move to a new date rescheduled. During the First and the Second world War, there were Games cancelled.

the Olympic torch will be traveling in the meantime, it already has in Japan… in a car

The torch relay of the olympic torch across Japan, is, for the time being, and will begin on Thursday in the Disaster. However, the trip will be due to the coronacrisis in a very special way. There will not be a torch, and a torch-bearer, to come in and also does not have a special ceremony the olympic flame will be in the circuit, on the other hand, a lantern in each vehicle to travel. That has to be a spokesperson for all the local authorities in Fukushima have been reported.

Photo: AFP

on Friday, we received the olympic torch in Japan. The ontvangstceremonie, due to the coronacrisis kept simple. Two-hundred children who are normal, it would have been, we have been asked to stay at home. In spite of the fact that the Japanese authorities on several occasions had called for mass meetings to avoid the have attracted more than 55,000 people on Saturday for the drive from Sendai to get the olympic flame to be seen.

Photo: AFP)