The defense Ministry responded to

Photo: TASS/AP Photo

the Ministry of defense of Russia commented on the “interception” the Americans of Russian convoys in Syria. About it RIA Novosti informs.

the Ministry said that the incident near the town of Manbij really happened about a year ago. At that time the area was under the control of the coalition led by the US, Kurdish groups and Syrian government troops.

the defense Ministry added that currently, between the military from the Russian Federation and the United States in Syria has established good and professional relationship.

“We know where the American units, and American side – where there are Russian soldiers. Cases of uncoordinated actions of the contact areas are promptly dealt with through existing channels deconflicting”, – said the Agency.

Earlier, US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey said that about a year ago, soldiers of the States, intercepted a Russian General in the area of the Syrian city of Manbij. He noted that during the operation everything was decided through military channels.

In October last year, the Kremlin accused the U.S. betrayal of the Kurds in Syria. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov noted that the last few years, the Americans were the closest allies of the Kurds, and later abandoned them.

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