The defense Ministry reported about provocations against militants patrol in Idlib

the route of the platoon of the military police of the Russian and Turkish divisions started from the village Trumba two kilometers West of the city of Sarakibe. It was planned that it will last a few hours and will last for quite a distance. To prevent provocations by anapausas in Idlib terrorists along the path of movement in advance and conducted engineering exploration. And for the organization of military cooperation between the two countries was established a focal point. But these plans interfered militants.

They began to attack a convoy of armored vehicles, which drove the police did not put on their way to remote-controlled explosive devices. The bandits understood that such provocations will inevitably cause the return of the hard actions of the military. Uncontrolled Ankara terrorists, as has happened more than once, used in his purposes civilian population. As reported by correspondent “RG” in the defense Ministry, the route of joint patrolling of the bandits tried to use as “human shields” of civilians, including women and children.

Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti a New version of modernization of T-72M1 seen in Syria

it is hard to say whether it was the wives and children of militants themselves or they are forced to go on the track of other Syrians. But the fact remains – this provocation forced the patrol to first stop and then turn back. Here’s how a forced maneuver explained in our defense Ministry: “In order to prevent incidents, which could hurt civilians, a joint Russian-Turkish focal point, it was decided to shorten the route length of the first joint patrols”. The defense Ministry said that in connection with the events on the highway, the Turkish commander beforeleft additional time for the adoption of measures to neutralize terrorist groups and security joint patrols of the M4 highway.

Recall that according to the Moscow agreement between presidents Putin and Erdogan on that motorway and to the North and South of it provides for the establishment of safety corridors with a total width of 12 kilometers. The road since March 15, had to take control of the military of Russia and Turkey. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, despite the efforts of the militants provocation joint patrolling of the route M4 will continue. But, apparently, only after Ankara will deal with operating in Idlib by fighters.