MOSCOW, may 3 – RIA Novosti. Manufacturers in the framework of the state defense order will give the defense Ministry more than thirty MLRS “Tornado-G” and “Tornado-With”, said on Sunday in the Department of information and mass communications of the military.

“To the end of the year in units of missile troops and artillery of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation calls for the delivery of more than 30 modern systems of salvo fire. In the execution of the state defense order, manufacturers will give the Ministry of defense of Russian MLRS “Tornado-G and Tornado-s”, – is spoken in the message.

Specifies that multiple rocket launchers will come in units of missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

the Jet system of volley fire “Tornado-G” is a deeply modernized version of the complex “Grad”. Updated the project involves the use of several types of rockets with improved characteristics of accuracy and new warheads. When this is fully preserved the ability to use existing ammunition of the old type.

the Latest Russian 300-mm multiple rocket launcher “Tornado-s” includes a modernized fighting machine, equipped with an automated control system guided by fire and a new unguided and guided rockets with high-explosive part with a range of over 100 kilometers.