The defense Ministry has opened a section on the wives of the generals of the great Patriotic war

Photos from the family archives, most of which are published openly for the first time, talk about what they were – a beloved spouse favorite country generals and marshals. Here they are on vacation, in a family circle, whirling in dance and strolling in the Park – old photos captured a variety of moments from the life of famous couples.

During the four years of the great Patriotic postmen delivered 10.7 billion letters

with the pictures in the project the memories of women about their relationships and the harsh wartime years. For example, here is how Elizabeth p., wife of army commander major General Leonid Sandalov, recalled his first moments of the war: “At 4 a.m. there was a terrible roar, the Windows burst open. Women grabbed the children in his arms, it was rushed into the basement. A new explosion. The bomb exploded at the entrance to the basement burst of smoke and flame. Ran out into the street. In the sky flying aircraft, at the house of a huge Smoking crater, with roots turned out old lime. From the building, which housed the headquarters of the army, left a pile of bricks.”

And these lines the wife of the Commissar of defense industry Dmitri Ustinov, Taisa Alekseevna, wrote her husband out of the evacuation: “don’t think about us, work for Victory.” She worked hard in a new place, selflessly helping all those in need.

Antonina Vasilieva, subsequently conquered the heart of Marshal Ivan Konev, and became his wife in 18 years from the beginning of the war enlisted civilian in the army. A ballerina and the future wife of General of the army A. Antonov – Olga Lepeshinskaya with the beginning of the great Patriotic war in the part of the 1st brigade of the front of the Bolshoi theatre went to the front edge. She has repeatedly performed at concerts, proceeds from which went to the defense Fund. In 1942, the Lepeshinskaya was nominated for the position of Deputy Chairman of the Antifascist Committee of Soviet youth.

Nurses and signaller, Actresses and journalists, But mostly loyal and loving wife. Their fate you can add poems and writing novels. In the meantime, the Ministry of defense with the participation of the “Fund of memory of the generals of the Victory” has decided to tell about these amazing women on your website. To enter a new section, just type in the search bar the following address.