According to the document, the first condition would be the receipt of “reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles, attacking the territory of Russia and (or) its allies.” It is understood that the launch of ballistic missiles of the potential enemy will be fixed a system of missile warning.

the document stipulates that in the missile strike will not be able to determine the type of facilities (nuclear or non-nuclear), so any incoming missile will be positioned as a missile with nuclear equipment. “The military-political leadership of Russia immediately get information about the missile launch and determine the scale of retaliation nuclear forces”, – stated in the material.

head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation the General-major Andrey Sterlin said the “red star” that “the foundations of state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence,” Russian President Vladimir Putin received 2 June 2020. This document defines hazards and risks, the main principles and subjects, as well as conditions of a possible transition to the use of nuclear weapons (for the first time – approx. “RG”). In the “principles” stresses that the policy of the Russian Federation exclusively defensive, but in case of attack “will be immediately struck back”.

Therefore, in the document marked “red lines” that cross the Russian military are not. “If a potential opponent will decide to do this, the answer no doubt will be devastating. The specification of retaliation will be determined by the military-political leadership of Russia depending on the situation,” the General said Sterlin.

the Document implies that Russia may use nuclear weapons in response to the attack on our country or allies of Russia using nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, or in the case of aggression with conventional weapons, if they “threaten the very existence of the state.”