The defense Ministry denied reports about downed in Idlib su-24

“Planes of Russian air force performing tasks in a usual mode”, – stated in the defense Ministry.

meanwhile, earlier media reported that operating in Idlib terrorists can be MANPADS – the weapons the militants have transferred or sold through illegal channels. Information, admittedly, looks true, because I’ve already had cases of terrorists in Idlib portable anti-aircraft guns.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti Putin told the Macron measures against terrorists in Syria

Suffice it to recall how at the beginning of February last year during air patrols of the Syrian province of Idlib MANPADS missile from the militants struck the Russian su-25, piloted by Deputy squadron commander guards major Novel Filippovym. The pilot was able to report to earth about the attack. He’s to eject from a damaged machine, but landed on the territory controlled by the banned terrorist group “Jabhat an-Nusra”. By coincidence, it was the city of Saraqib, where in the last days trying to make a large-scale attack on Syrian government forces, the terrorists all the same “an-Nusra”, which is now called differently.

And then the Novels were surrounded by militants, until the last shot, and when out of ammunition, a grenade blew himself and get him to terrorists. For this feat, guards major Roman Filipov was awarded the title Hero of Russia (posthumously).

For his friend’s death, our military retaliated. Later, the defense Ministry reported that the positions of militants in the area falling stormtrooper applied aimed shot, which was destroyed more than 30 militants.