Development in influenzatilfælde gives rise to “cautious optimism”, experts believe, according to Berlingske.

Coronakrisen has had a great impact on the number of positive influenza A – and B-samples, which have plummeted.

It creates cautious optimism about the Danish interventions effect on also Covid19smitten, writes Berlingske Friday.

the Decommissioning of Denmark at the nearest destroyed the common flu, shows the statements from the two hospitals in the Capital Region.

this records one the 11. march, which is the day when the shutdown was initiated, a large decrease in the number of positive samples. It happens, even though the number of daily samples have been constant, writes the newspaper.

the Number is decreased from 30 to 40 positive samples a day for between one and three.

– the Impact of the shutdown, have been, are violent for society. But this shows that it has an effect in smittemæssig context, says senior chief physician Finn Rønholt from the department of medical diseases at Herlev-Gentofte Hospital to Berlingske.

– It seems to me that the fewer social contacts to limit the drop of the infection, which is the source of the infection both by ordinary flu, and Covid-19. Therefore, these figures also give cause for optimism in relation to to be able to limit the Covid-infection.

The two investigated hospitals is The and the Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.

the incubation period of the common flu is about one to three days, while the coronavirus according to the Berlingske tidende, is estimated to have an incubation period of four to twelve days.

Therefore to be expected the effect to be able to read earlier in the influenzatallene.

former director of the Statens Serum Institut Nils Strandberg Pedersen estimates of the Berlingske tidende, that there is a significant development.

Thursday early in the evening is the number of persons who have died of coronavirus in Denmark, at 41.

In the latest statement, the figure was 34 persons. It shows a statement from the Statens Serum Institut.

Although the 41 persons have died with the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean that it is the cause of death.

the Deaths included in the statistics if it happened, no later than 60 days after you have been infected with the virus.

the Number of admissions to the country’s hospitals also continues to rise, but the increase is less than recent days.

the Number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus is Thursday increased by 36 to 386. The day before it grew by 49.