the Fall in the birth rate in the United States will create new challenges for the American economy after the pandemic coronavirus. On it informs Agency Bloomberg, referring to the findings of the Institute of Halmahera.

In recent years the total fertility rate in the U.S. declined from 2.1 to 1.7 children per woman. In addition, as shown by the survey results, 34% of American women due to pandemic crisis want to delay pregnancy or have fewer children, writes RIA Novosti.

the Negative Outlook shared by analysts at the Brookings institution. They estimate that in 2021 in the United States will be born for half a million fewer children than originally predicted by demographers. Fertility decline, as well as 150 thousand victims of the coronavirus will affect the American economy in the future. The country will lose a large number of consumers, workers and taxpayers.

Earlier it was reported that US GDP in the second quarter fell by a record 32.9 percent in annual terms. This decline of the American economy not seen since 1947.