the Commission of the Moscow city Duma on control over reliability of data on incomes, property and obligations of property character, verify the Declaration of the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov, he had no objection to this, he said himself in the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma explained the income of almost 2 billion rubles in 2019 the sale of securities. According to him, information about it was contained in the unpublished part of the Declaration.

“the appropriate appeal regarding the verification of the veracity of my declarations to the Commission are. I wouldn’t mind, but testing will occur in the case of a decision by the Commission. The Commission with this letter now works, and will adopt a corresponding decision”, — said Mr. Shaposhnikov, who is the Chairman of that Commission (it is unclear whether it will suspend its powers in connection with the review). He explained specified in the Declaration for 2019 income by selling 100% shares of JSC Severyanin, Chairman of the Directors of which was to elect a Deputy. Request for review of the Declaration of the speaker received from the Deputy of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Timonov.

the Chairman of Moscow city Duma reported on the earnings of 1.95 billion rubles in 2019. In 2018, his income was $ 24.4 million rubles. According to the published declarations, the speaker of Moscow city Council there is a flat area 269,5 sq. m, passenger car Mercedes-Benz E350 and cars area of 18.7 sq. m. loaner Alexei Shaposhnikov is a cottage area 277,7 sq. m.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has previously stated that in 2018, Mr. Shaposhnikov has made from the personal account to the share capital of the company “Your consulting”, belonged to his father, 870 million rubles., after that, becoming the owner of 99% of the company. Mr. Navalny drew attention to the fact that the income of the speaker of Moscow city Council have indicated in their Declaration for the next year. Alexey Shaposhnikov, the radio station “Vesti FM” does not exclude recourse to the court in connection with a video of the opposition. According to him, “it was a continuing transaction”, and Declaration “drawn up on a certain date”.