The Declaration campaign-2020 extended to July 30

to Fill in the Declaration form 3-NDFL, you can use the online service “my account tax for physical persons” on the website of the FTS.

to Report income to those who last year sold the estate, which was owned less than the minimum ownership period, received expensive gifts from a close relative, won the lottery, donated the property to rent or received income from foreign sources.

Photo: Alex Burlo “RG” publishes the law on distribution of tax regime for self employed

to Submit a Declaration must also individual entrepreneurs, notaries, engaged in private practice, lawyers, founded a law office, and others.

If the tax agent did not withhold personal income tax on income paid and not reported to the tax authority on the impossibility to withhold tax (including the amount niedergang pit), such income must be declared independently. If the tax agent has fulfilled this obligation, the tax authority shall send the taxpayer a notification on the basis of which it is necessary to pay personal income tax not later than December 1, 2020.

the deadline for the submission of the Declaration does not apply to cases when she seems to realise tax deductions. In these cases, to submit a Declaration at any time during the year.