The decision of the authorities Ukraine is infected with a coronavirus the village was blockaded

MOSCOW, April 23/ Radio Sputnik. One of the Ukrainian villages in the territory of the Nikolaev area completely blocked for entry and exit. About this report “” with reference to the statement of the regional administration.

authorities say that, the reason for the emergency action was an outbreak of coronavirus in the village Semenovka.

In connection with a high probability of infection from the source to the territory of neighboring villages, the authorities decided to establish a transport blockade of Semyonovka, completely restricting the movement of local residents within the settlement.

go through and Pass can only pass. It is not needed only to residents of Semyonovka.

on the Eve of the said village were registered from 103 cases of infection with coronavirus. 30 such diagnosis was put by doctors.

Earlier radio Sputnik announced that Ukraine did not rule out a human resources shortage in the field of medicine.

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