the Ukrainian government (which called it as “Cabinet Zelensky”) adopted Ordinance No. 573, pretty pereproshivka inhabitants. “What is it? And why?” – interested in Twitter user under the name “Joy and the impoverishment”. In fact, even under the presidency of Poroshenko too belligerent (not to mention his predecessor, “bloody pastor” Turchynov) Kiev studiously avoided such official documents. For therein is able to excite even “fate tempered fighter with the grey head.”

the special regime of blackouts and curfews, as follows from the decision of KM of Ukraine, starts immediately after the order of the Supreme Commander, that is not a day served in any armed forces Vladimir Zelensky.

the Order is communicated to the military administrations of the 27 regions, among which are… the city of Sevastopol and Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Obviously, in Kiev took into account the devastating criticism of Vladimir Alexandrovich due to the congratulation with the Day of Constitution of Ukraine of 25 (twenty five) regions. Not 27 as stated in the text of the Basic Law. Conspicuous “disclaimer of the Crimea and Sevastopol” opponents Zelensky unanimously interpreted and interpreted to this day as “treason”.

The same imaginary order Zelensky appointed commandant, is appointed the time during which act the curfew and blackout, the boundaries of the territory of their administration, methods of implementing measures to maintain law and order and so on.

where there is a curfew, prohibited people without special passes “on the streets and in other public places”, and the movement of vehicles, needless to say.

Individuals, which are registered already committed criminal and administrative offences “sweep” in the manner prescribed by the Criminal procedure code and the administrative offences Code of Ukraine.

the Absence of new government regulations mention the National guard, – perhaps the only positive of the document. For recently Zelensky was intended to provide guards almost the same rights that certificated employees of the national police of Ukraine. In this case, the patrols of the NSU would have no limitations to hold these “different” people and deliver them not only the organs and units of the police, and to their base.

a New manifestation of war psychosis might be related to constantly vnosimye Zelensky pessimistic variants of development of relations with Russia. Russian troops are supposed to attack the Ukraine and the Russian Crimea, and the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

the Most dangerous��, from the point of view of Ukrainian generals and their Western “spiritual guides” are approaching exercises “Caucasus-2020”. The active phase of these large-scale maneuvers will be held in late September.

Ukrainian military intelligence suggests that in the neighboring great power has been developed in detail a “massive provocation” that could force “hundreds of Russian tanks, hundreds of aircraft” cross the Russian-Ukrainian border and “enforce the peace” geographical neighbors.