With the Russians want to start to collect dogs for utility services since September 2020. The proposal was made by the head of the Duma energy Committee Pavel Zavalny. So, instead of January 2021, the moratorium on the accrual of penalties for non-payment of services can already cancel the fall. Experts believe that the change in timing would have a severe impact on people whose incomes fell because of the regime of self-isolation. The moratorium imposed in April and citizens have managed to accumulate serious debt. If the initiative of the Deputy of support, resursnyi will be able to disconnect the defaulters, for example, hot water that is not only inhuman, but unfair, given the negative impact of the pandemic.

“the Acute phase of the pandemic is over and, in my opinion, it is expedient to limit the period of validity of this support mechanism for businesses and people, adopted at its peak, for example, by September 2020. So in anticipation of the onset of the next heating season to raise the discipline of reduced energy costs and give the power companies more money to prepare for the winter,” said Pavel Zavalny.

Director of “national control”, expert of housing and communal services Natalia Chernysheva believes that the lifting of the moratorium on penalties and disconnection for nonpayment is extremely inappropriate and even inhumane solution.

In her opinion, the topic is discussed under the pressure of the supply systems, which are also in an extremely difficult position. But you cannot first declare the period until 1 January 2021, and then suddenly transfer it to September.

Note that unemployed in Russia 3 million, and by the end of the year the most optimistic projections, that number will rise to 5 million, and more real — up to 7 million.

“the Question should be put on targeted subsidies from the state budget for resursnogo and massive subsidies for citizens, says Chernyshev. — Need to move the whip in the form of fines and shutdowns, and a carrot in the form of rewards for those who can still pay. Without laws, facilitating rather than complicating people’s lives, this problem will not make it”.

the Exact amount of debt at the moment difficult to call, because there is no unified methodology for its calculations, but the collection rate fell in the different regions from 40 to 80%.

“People will not be able to massively repay the debt without help from the state. But if defaulters will massively disconnected from resources, it is fraught with growth of social intensity, — is convinced the expert. — To pay the debts, many still can not at all desire, and the trip can in these terms be seen as a mockery of the people.”

as a result of mass non-payment can affect not only the structure of housing and communal services, which will be difficult to maintain the house, stressed the head of analytical dApartamento AMarkets Artem Deev.

“we Need to gradually restore payment discipline. Utilities sector it is necessary to prepare houses for the new heating season and problems with the provision of the necessary works should not be”, — he said.

Given the rather difficult situation on the labour market and on incomes, to reduce the duration of the moratorium power, most likely, will not — this step can cause too much outcry and public pressure, the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investments Aleksey Krichevskiy.

“the Problem is that the budget has a huge deficit that somehow must be closed. Debts on housing and communal services in Russia — about a half trillion rubles, and by the end of the year, this figure could grow by another 10%, as issues with employment are solved very slowly, and about 10-12% of businesses closed down — a few million jobs that have left the market” — summed up the interlocutor of “MK”.