The death toll in a fire in Yekaterinburg has grown to eight people

the Number of those killed in the fire that erupted in a two story house in Yekaterinburg, has increased to eight people. As reports TASS with reference to the press service of the city Department of health, died in hospital the woman previously hospitalized from the place of incident.

Photo: Press-service of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Investigators: Cause of fire in the house in Ekaterinburg arson

we will Remind, last night in the Kirov district of Yekaterinburg fierce fire broke out. Fire two-storey house on the street Omsk. To the arrival of firefighters the fire was covered by the entrance, the flames were getting closer to the roof. Because of the wooden floors, the fire spread rapidly, the fire area amounted to 200 square meters. Before arrival of rescuers evacuated from the house of ten people. Later, the building were found the bodies of seven people. Another woman was hospitalized in serious condition. The doctors were unable to save her from extensive burns.

On this fact, prosecutors opened a criminal case under two articles: “murder publicly dangerous method” and “arson”. Now the causes of the fire investigated by specialists.