Participant of the protest rally in Minsk, hospitalized. On this portal told the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova, denying thus the information about his death.

According to preliminary information, he had an attack of epilepsy. Then law enforcement officers called the medics.

It clarifies Telegram-channel Readovka, the young man is in serious condition. It was alleged that he suffered during the dispersal of the rally cyclists — he was lying unconscious on the sidewalk and on what does not react.

Earlier Telegram-channel NEXTA Live journalist Stepan Putilo published a video, which were captured still lying on the pavement people. According to the resource, “the riot had ceased to stand on ceremony with people” and “at least one man dropped dead right next to the paddy wagon”.

In Minsk in the evening held a protest cyclists and drivers, writes portal So, the traffic police for a time blocked the Independence Avenue in the capital, participants of the bike ride harshly detained by the police.