The deal did not materialize: in Chechnya will judge women for sale baby

In Chechnya, two women will put on trial for trafficking in children. The criminal investigation is completed. Crime uncovered employees of the interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic.

According to investigators, a resident of the Republic decided to buy a baby for the education in his family, reported STRC “Stavropol”. She appealed for help to Moscow from Ingushetia. She agreed for a fee to find her newborn and to help in the illegal adoption. In January 2019, and the customer got a baby, accomplice found him in Makhachkala. The amount of the transaction amounted to 650 thousand rubles, plus fake his birth certificate. Against women a criminal case was initiated, today, with the approved indictment it is directed to court.

we will Remind, investigation of similar criminal case is completed in Budyonnovsk. In September 2019, according to investigators, the pregnant woman decided to sell their unborn child. She placed an ad on the Internet. This became known in law enforcement.

Text: STRC “Stavropol”