you Either love, hate or not care about him. The day of lovers awakens at the people each year of different emotions: While some drown your Partner in the rose sea, would put the loved one in the Park and love couples throw stones at. Evil tongues even say that Valentine’s day is an invention of the florist.

But why do we celebrate Valentine’s day, really?

in fact, all the holidays, Valentine’s day goes back to a legend. It is about the angel of love Cupid, who missed nearly 2000 years ago, love arrows, and bouquets of flowers gave it away, however, was not.

A poor in Italy live priest named Valentine of Terni is said to have married, so the legend says, in the third century an Imperial ban, in Spite of couples Christian. The character of the wedding Ceremony Terni handed the Newlyweds each flower from his garden. For solace-seekers to receive from the priest a flower.

flowers learned firmly in the love nest

When the Emperor Claudius II. of the activities of the priest, he forbade him the exercise of religious rituals. Because of this, wanted to be his Faith, however, does not forbid, he was on 14. February 269 executed in Rome. Until about 100 years later, Valentine was canonized, and in 496 Pope Gelasius declared the 14. February for Valentine’s day, the day of St. Valentine.

another legend goes back to the story of the Roman goddess Juno, was the Protectress of marriage and the family, and as the Oracle of the love lives of their customers, forecast. You should honor on 14. February flowers to be sacrificed. Other origin theories invoke scientific findings, such as awakening to the fact that in February, the pairing time of the birds, and thus the spring feelings.

Valentine’s day is celebrated by Lovers all over the world. As numerous as the countries, know the Valentine’s day, so different are the customs, which is the day of lovers is celebrated.


read more Since when there is the Valentistag in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, is celebrated Valentine’s day since around 70 years. The holiday was brought by the American soldiers in the aftermath of the Second world war, to Europe.

This is actually a return to Tradition, to their origin, which is located in the ancient Rome. Since 1949, the celebrations of lovers on the 14. February the day of love.

Since then, the day has been verkommerzialisiert more and more and not only more flowers will be given away – there is always more colourful and more varied gift ideas.

thank you for the flowers!

The flower Tradition, on 14. February has established itself in Western countries, The day when flower shops as one of the strongest sales days of the year, orders on a large scale and a broader offering is to delight the hearts of lovers.

but There are also a lot of other Valentine’s day traditions: In England, for example, it is a custom to send anonymous love letters. In the United States Teens writing also secret love messages, with those young people who receive the most cards, are considered to be “the most desirable”.

Against love is wrong. Of course, it could be a spray, instead of the love to keep on a day, actually all year long-love.

What is the flower that stands for passion and love, and which Flowers they say the best “I like You!”? The flowers to understand language, is not easy – and the origins of the flower symbolism are largely unknown. Flowers for Valentine’s day, the classics, however, are par excellence. We’ll tell you which flowers you should give to your Valentine – and for which it should be!


The flower-read more on the gender Pay roles is relatively fixed – perhaps it is not only the men, the annual consumption forced. In the legend, this clear distribution of roles seems to be not really anchored. So spoil your loved one and you think in occasion of Valentine of Terni, who was also in the sign of love, Imperial orders, and his head held in his hands.

The myth after the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade his soldiers to marry. The Roman priest Valentine has set on the ban – and was at 14. February is 269. To this day he is revered as a Martyr. The Valentine’s day we celebrate in his honor.

Flower Power Association, the Bishop Valentine of Terni with free love. He is said to have led couples whose love was forbidden to the Altar, and them flowers as a gift.

After the peace, the love came. In 1949, American soldiers brought the custom of Valentine’s day to Central Europe. Well-known Valentine’s day was by the before the 14. February reinforced the onset of advertising for the florist and the confectionery industry.

14. February, the partner search website through recorded more registrations than the year as a whole. But attention: The Online search for love is not free and the bill is not extended automatically every month, if you cancel.

300’000 letters Loveland
About 70’000 inhabitants through the USA is just one town of Loveland in Colorado. The Post slides but each year, in February, of extra layers. The reason: Around 300’000 people, the Valentin want your beloved cards have to be stamped with the postmark “love the country”.

On the day of the love you can his sweetheart a flower or chocolates. Or for him a little deeper in the pockets. As the majority of Mastercard’s customers in Europe, the give for Valentine’s day your honey a night in a Hotel.